What marvel has achieved with the series is awesome. Despite the fact that originally in the comics, the fame and strength of the Avengers was easily outstripped by X-Men and Justice league. But Avengers have in recent times becomes the most loved series from Marvel. And with Avengers: Infinity War around the corner, the reactions are mouth-gapping and the movie hasn’t hit the cinemas yet.

After the massive success of Black Panther, Infinity War is being described as the biggest cross-over movie of all time, bringing in over 60 main characters accros the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The characters will be fighting a common enemy- Thanos. The movie features all heavy weights from Thor to Superman, all the currently surviving caste of Avengers, Captain America’s team, Iron man’s, hulk, vision and the young spider Man from home coming and… Black Panther.

All the previous stories and movies ever released since the inception of Marvel universe point to this movie. It is the beginning of the end of Marvel Universe. We’ve put up a list of all interesting movies you should watch as a build-up to the Infinity War.

10. Guardians of the Galaxy(2014): 

In the production, Marvel showed us the true definition of ingenuity. The movie introduces the concept of the infinity stones which is there main bolt in the wheels of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). The hunger of the notorious Thanos who seeks to gather all stones for himself. Combining comic relief with an amazing concept, the movies main characters are seen to be as main stream as Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. Gosh! I loved Groot,😉.

9. Avengers: Age of Ultron: 


This movie was the second where the major super heros of MCU had a close-up rendevous. For all the hype, the movie didn’t hit the expected mark clearly, but no big deal. Marvel still showed they where just too good. You might be expecting explosions and Sparks when Captain America met with Iron Man here, it didn’t happen, but… No big deal. There were still other amazing concepts like legions of soaring metallic robots without emotion, cities shifting away from their foundations and burning to the ground. It’s very interesting.

8. Spiderman Homecoming: 

As a big fan of Spiderman, I cherished this outing. But people who aren’t into the high-schools hero kind of thing may not fancy it. But it’s cool you see it. After a little introduction in Captain America: Civil War, MCU deleves in to give the red-blue teenage web spinner his own story. The movie also emphasises on the the important role of Tony Stark in MCU in doing all the core jobs. Big fans of Peter Parker will surely cherish this screen-play.

7.  Doctor Strange

Doctor strange is another testimony to the creativity of MCU. That a nerdy, self-love intellectual could be roped into the fray while at the same time maintaining a different history. The movie features origins that are similar to Iron Man, set in the 60s.

6. Captain America: Winter Soldier

A bit different from the others. This movie isn’t all about super hero stuff, it deals more on the power of decision. Captain America’s long lost friend returns as a dreaded assassin controlled by HYDRA and SHIELD. The movie also gives also a little insight into the murky waters of Shield’s activities.

5. Captain America: Civil War

Sit back and watch the face-off between MCUs main heros of all time. Captain America and the iron-clad Tony Stark. We see a huge disagreement between Iron Man and Captain America who doesn’t seem to figure out why he should be all too obedient to government policies. The disagreement leads to some real action scenes as the both rally their team to bash each other. The highlight of the movie was the airport fight that featured a super-giant Antman and a Spiderman filled with comical teenage enthusiasm. Missing character: Deadpool.

4. Thor: Ragnarok: 

More from the comic. The movie features a god who loses his hammer , is reduced to a slave and caste out from his homeland. The movie also features another Planet Hulk. Maybe the last and our favourite Loki. The humour scenes are amazing, like Thor singing a lullaby to bring back Bruce Banner😂.

3. Black Panther

Highest grossing movie from MCU ever, Black Panther made some corrections that we’re necessary. By introducing scenes of complex character and showing us that super hero flicks were not all about white males. The movie is truly African and potrays the beauty of Afro-concepts. Black Panther has a complex plot, and tells about a rich African Kingdom that has to deal with issues surrounding race, the plight of it’s citizens, a villain who story may cause to empathize with him more than the Victor. And … Yes: the hashtag- #Wakanda.

2. Iron Man

Of course we can’t just forget that MCU began in 2008 with Tony Stark in Afghanistan. The missile negotiations gone wrong. Tony Stark story has proven to be the biggest hit in Marvel. With all it’s billion dollar worth, Marvel Universe wouldn’t have been there without the ingenuity of Iron Man. Depsite all other compositing stories, including Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor strange and all others, it all began with the Iron Man.

1. The Avengers


It may not have been the best of what we expected but then, it was a unique concept. The uniqueness of bringing in different super heros into the same screen without letting them interact in less unpleasing ways. The movie featured Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man. The movie showed that replicating different characters may prove difficult in a book, but wouldn’t be on screen. Most importantly it brought the concept of Marvel Universe to appeal to a wider audience not just comic book lovers and nerds.



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