Konga.com has recently introduced a surprise to its customers, and
that is the priviledge to buy on the online mall and pay back later.
Yes! You can actually buy on credit and repay, and guess…it isn’t so

      Konga.com in partnership with OneCredit MFB limited is
empowering Nigerians to reach to the skies with the all new, first
time online shopping credit system. One Credit MFB is a duly
registered company that began operations back in 2012. The company is
in the business of lending, project financing, acquisition for
individuals and companies, and most recently has partnered with konga
for paylater.

      Paylater is a credit plan, originally introduced by One Credit,
it enables online shoppers to make purchases on online malls and
spread the payment, rather than pay back immediately.
Paylater is offered to approved customers, who are selected based
on their activity on konga, and how long they have been customers on

          When you are selected, an email will be sent to you with a unique
link to complete your registration on One Credit. A call will follow
within 48 hours. Approval is followed by your e-wallet on konga being
credited with cash. You can spend money on any item you choose.
For every purchase you make, you are charged 10% on commissions
and you can also reuse your paylater credit on konga.com if you pay

     For more info on the Paylater plan, visit here
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