Kaymu, Nigeria’s largest online market has been re-branded as
Jumia Market Place, with the promise of an upgrade in services and a
target to continue to officially remain Africa’s largest market place.
But we want to know what all these crap means to us. I mean, who cares
about Jumia or Konga or even Dangote Conglomerates buying or
re-branding Kaymu?

First, Kaymu is now Jumia Market Place, but it is different from
your Jumia online retail store. It is different because it runs on an
end-to-end, buyer to seller agreement and transaction. Just like OLX,
when you buy, you buy directly from an individual seller and when you
sell you deal straight with your buyer.
Jumia only comes in to help out with logistics and delivery.
Jumia Market Place so far operates on a similar model as Kaymu
and OLX-Link up buyers and sellers everywhere in Africa, and allow
buyers and sellers to strike deals on fashion clothing and
accessories, phones and digital items etc.


Jumia Market simply offers a great and easy-to-use platform for
everyone who wishes to shop for the cheapest or sell a product.
And…its also one online site that allows you pay on delivery
anywhere. You can pay by cash or by POS service which will be made
available at your doorstep by the delivery man.
Also, you have the option of returning a product if you discover,
its broken or not just what you expected. And if the seller refuses to
heed to your request, you are allowed to raise complaints and launch a
dispute right in the market.


Another bigshot here is a well improved rating system(pay
attention to this when you are in the market place). The rating system
helps you know and grade a seller by his previous activities in the
market. It’s always safer to deal with sellers with higher ratings.

The Jumia Market Place has a SafePay mechanism which ensures
that your money never gets to the buyer until you have confirmed that
you have received the product. The SafePay makes it easy for you to
get your money back if you have complaints about the
product(complaints should be laid 72hours max after delivery).

Jumia Market Place is Africa’s leading online market with strong
operational bases in 14 african countries and offering thousands of
products in categories including: Clothes, shoes, fashion items,
jewellry, phones, computers and accessories, stationeries, health
products etc.
Users can connect with themselves in the following countries:
Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Algeria, Cameroon, Mozambique, Ivory
Coast, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, Rwanda, Tanzania.

You also have the option of choosing the market place of a
particular country.
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