Topcheck is an online insurance service that aims to change the way
Nigerians obtain loans, buy their insurance and buy their broadband
data plans.


Topcheck is a modern insurance agent in Nigeria that helps people
remove the stress of having to compare quotes from dozens of insurance
companies in Nigeria. With topcheck, you have access to the best
insurance rates and deals. You don’t have to spend hours purring over
magazines and newspapers comparing insurers. Topcheck will do the
‘comparing’ you do the ‘saving’. You can visit the topcheck
insurance/product blog-


Topcheck also compares broadband internet services, whether you are
looking for 4G/you can use the broadband internet ‘compare’ tool LTE,
Fibre or Satellite, topcheck can find out the kind of internet
services that are available in your location. You just have to visit
the topcheck broadband internet checker –
Enter your city, choose the preferred internet plan and you will
receive a call-back from an available internet service provider, the
internet provide will give you more information about internet
coverage in your area.
Topcheck is in partnership with broadband internet companies
around Nigeria to provide users with the best internet service. With
offers of up 200GB data volume and data plans starting from as low as
For more info on topcheck broadband internet visit

Topcheck offers you free loan comparison, for loans up to N200,000. In
partnership with a host of lenders all over Nigeria, topcheck is able
to offer you the best loans and interest rates suitable for you at no
charge. Visit
Enter the purpose for collecting the loan, your email, loan amount
and a few other details including you occupation and income status. A
list of available loans will be presented to you.

For more information, visit

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