For a few who have witnessed or may have been involved in some
motor accident, especially in Nigeria. You know that sickening feeling
you get when you see shattered glass all over the bodies of the
victims. A report has revealed that most severe injuries from motor
accidents were mostly as a result of shattered windscreens or side
Concept Nova, an operating sub-unit of the Concept Group has
come up with a beautiful anti-glass break technology that will ensure
that you car’s glass will not shatter even under a heavy hammer blow.
The C-Concept anti-glass break is a thing layer of hard
adhesive(like a glue), its applied on both sides of the glass you wish
to protect and it holds together your glass. The effect is that, your
glass may break into thousands of fragments when hit, but won’t
shatter. In other words, no bit or piece will fall out. You get it
better if you picture glueing all the broken pieces of a glass sheet,
it may look all scratched up and broken, but the glue holds the pieces
together and they won’t fall. Got it?
The anti-break system also safeguards your car from traffic
thefts. It also protects your kids from sustaining heavy injuries
after a crash.
The protective film can also be used to
protect glass windows in a building, providing the same benefits.
Features of C-Protect Concept
-Prevents deadly flying glass
stemming from vehicle accidents.
-Virtually indestructible film
-creates an invisible coat of armor
between you and violent
-It doesn’t affect the transparent visibility of your glass.
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