First Bank may be the first of Nigerian banks to be
established, they may be the first bank in terms of bringing in the
latest innovation into the banking. But as for customer service? They
are far from being the first!

     Let me take you to three branches in the east, -Okigwe road
branch in Owerri, Nnamdi Azikiwe branch in Awka and wethereal branch
in Owerri.

     Waltzing in through the electronic doors after being checked in
by security, you will just walk straight into a crowd of frustrated
 people. With rather gory stories to tell about
the treatment received from the bank.

Both staff and managers are overwhelmed by the long queue of angry
customers. No one has time for your problems, as the managers and
staff are running up and down like mother hens. So even if you had
complaints, no one will reply you, you will only be told to sit on the
hard-on-the-ass metal chair for customers.

       The problem with First Bank is that apart from the ATM card
processing, all other processes are slow. The network most times is so
overloaded and grinds to a halt. And when that happens, forget it, the
day is gone. The network will only start moving when the bank closes
in the evening. Too bad, most of their ATMs can’t even do some
transactions like fund deposit and transfer when the network is bad.

      Sometimes, for processes as simple as depositing cash, you will
have to queue up for over an hour to get a deposit slip, and spend
another 3 hours on the queue just to submit and pay in.

      Their ATMs are hardly ever functional. Its not unusual to
find just one serving ATM while the remaining three or four are
hybernated(probably resisting). And you will really be lucky if your
card isn’t seized or debited and not paid as a result of network
error. Trust me if they debit you on ATM without paying you, it will
surely take not less than 3 days for your money to be returned to
you(that is if there are no stories).

        I think the only unit where First Bank doesn’t need an upgrade
is the courtesy and attitude of their security staff. I have to give
them thumbs up there. But as for customer services, I think the
management needs an urgent overhaul and we hope they do it soon.
Before customers port to better banks. That you’re older, doesn’t mean
you’re better.

I mean First Bank should be ahead of new generation banks and not
the reverse!

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