Most airfresheners in the market require you to drop or
spray some of the stuff periodically to keep room odour away. Well
except you are using a jel type airfreshener. It could be quite
embarrasing when you enter your room after being being away for some
time, only to discover that the reason that not-so-pleasant odour has
returned is because it has been hours since you last used an

Airwick auto spray solves this problem easy. With periodic and
timed sprays of airwick freshmatic, the auto spray keeps your room
fresh even when you are away.

Suitable for your home and public places such as hospitals,
banks, hotels, restaurants and restrooms, the auto spray and diffuser
is a cool air diffuser that freshens your home’s ambience with a
frequency and timing that is programmable. You can set the timing and
intensity sof the spray to suit your preference.


*Wonderful airwick freshmatic creates a powerful yet sweet smelling ambience.

*Auto spray keeps your room’s air fresh regularly.

*Programmable timing, frequency and intensity. You can set the
frequency of the spray and the intensity of the spray(amount sprayed
at a time).

*Upto 2300 sprays of goodness on each refill.

*Keeps environment fresh for a at least 2 months on minimum spray level.

*Can be hung on the wall, or placed on a table or shelf.

*Powerful enough to neutralize ‘resident’ odours in your home oif office.

*Works well in averagely ventilated rooms.


*Limited to auto spray.
As one consumer review on Amazon said:

“It is a little frustrating that I cannot push a button and
release an extra spray when I think the room needs it. I have to open
the unit and take out the can, if I want an extra spray.”

You can’t use the spray when you need it. You just have to
wait till the next spray cycle comes.

* Sprayed amounts are sometimes not powerful enough for bigger spaces,
and just too powerful for smaller rooms. This comes as an afront on
the ‘intensity selector’. An upgrade is needed here, and more options

*Noisy spray: The sprayer’s noise when it sprays can sometimes be too
loud and unnerving. Some people may find the ‘psshh!’ Sound annoying.
It could also unnerve visitors who are not used to it.

*Odour detector either not there or not just working at all.
Airwick freshmatic claims an odour detector that can prompt a
spray when odour is detected. But most times that is not just the
scenerio. Try set it to spray every 30 minutes and put it right beside
your dustbin. It will only spray after 30 minutes, and that is it. So
there is ‘clearly’ no odour sensor.

All the same this product is of great value if all you want is
to keep your home smelling nice always. In Nigeria, airwick freshmatic
is available in supermarkets and online stores around the country.

Buy airwick freshmatic on konga starting at N2000. Buy here:

Buy airwick freshmatic on jumia starting at
See offers here:

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