It is not uncommon for someone to make the mistake of paying
in cash into the wrong account number, or bank. And it can really be
bad when the ‘wrong recipient’ of the cash decides to see the
unexpected windfall as a blessing.

        Anyway that should gradually fade into history with an all
new made in Nigeria android app that helps you verify any Nigerian
bank account without needing to step foot into the customer care
service of any bank. The app goes a step further in preventing scam
and identity theft. It is easy to use and free to download. And
catalogues account details of every Nigerian bank account, even micro
finance accounts too.

         One of the pros with this app is its simplicity. Even a
pensioneer or parent with littler knowledge of tech can use it. All
you need to do is pick the bank, and enter the account number you wish
to verify. And that is it.

       As for the downsides, It is only available on android( won’t
blame the guy for tapping into a smartphone base of over 1 billion
users), no iphone version or blckberry version is available. It
doesn’t have a windows mobile of PC version to.

        Apart from this, I was thinking the app will go a step
further be helping people verify accounts with just the account name
and bank. That really would have been cool. I mean most error issues
originate as a result of mix ups in account numbers and not account
names. So may be version 2.0 should add this feature. If there ever
will be a 2.0 .

Download this app for android smartphones here

App size is just about 3mb.
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