Premier is Nigeria’s no1 family soap bar, with a brand that
is trusted by millions of families in Nigeria, premier has continued
to strengthen its brand of hygiene maintenance products with the
Premier Cool Antiseptic Soap.

The Premier Cool Antiseptic is a powerful germ-fighting agent
that has a cool effect on the skin when used. It’s. Anti-bacterial
agent is high performing and strong enough to make the soap serve the
dual purpose of cleaning and fighting germs.

Premier Cool soap is in a cake form and comes in a deep acting
blue colour.

Unlike some anti-bacterial soaps that may leave some
unfavourable reactions on some skin types, Premier Cool Antiseptic
rather leaves a cool and smooth feeling on your skin. Its like you’ve
been immersed in cold water in a hot weather. Only thing though, it
doesn’t affect people with cold or pneumonia. It is just a feeling
that ends in the outermost layer of your skin alone.

Premier Cool Antiseptic has a scent that could really make you
uncomfortable(its antiseptic feature) when it gets to your eyes,
inside your nose or touches some open area on your body(wounds). It
took me time to get used to the almost-too-cool effect of the soap in
my ears. But it shouldn’t be a problem when you have used the soap for
some time.

Not that economical. I noticed that unlike other soaps, this
particular gets exhausted quickly. I mean real fast, maybe because you
may need to apply more of the soap than normal as it doesn’t foam that
much. A good reason here could be premier cool putting some more
antiseptic for lather. And the size is too small for cost. All the
same, antiseptic soaps are expensive due to their dual activity, but
its relatively cheap.

Other cons with Premier Cool Antispetic are general with
antisptics of its kind. One of them is that extreme anticeptic action
on the skin could kill both useful and dangerous bacteria.

Premier cool Antiseptic Soap is available in Nigerian shops
and supermarkets. Price ranges from N70-N100.

We are yet to find out if Premier Cool Antibacterial effect
can cause irritation on closed skin. Do you use it, send in your
reviews, ratings and what you think about this product. Have a nice

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