So klin detergent powder was introduced into Nigeria
by Eko supreme resources many years ago, and has expanded become one
of the most popular detergent in use by Nigerian families. Thanks to
an affordable price, availability, cleaning power and marketing

About two years ago, so klin went a step further by
introducing its own brand of laundry soap bar. “So klin soap”. So klin
soap is wonderful white 150g multi purpose cleaning pack, that works
well for clothes laundry and even cleaning of dishes. So klin multi
purpose takes care of all your special and delicate fabrics including
Ankara, African prints, uniforms and even baby clothes.

So klin soap bar combines powerful cleaning power with a sweet
and strong fragrance that leaves you with a satisfied feeling after


So Klin is composed of 0% animal fat, which makes it an excellent
option for bathing. It’s fragrance also fights body odours
effectively. So far, so Klin soap has not been found to react
negatively when used for bathing and it foams strongly too.

So klin as said earlier is an excellent bathing soap,
however it may not be an instant catch for people who prefer
anti-bacterial soaps because it has no strong anti-bacterial
ingredients. Also, So klin soap also has no qualities or ingredients
that may be of medical significance. That is using klin soap does not
guarantee correction or positive effect on skin problems.

However, one problem with so klin as a bathing soap is that it
has no fragrance variety. Not like other soaps that come in different
types according to scent and fragrance. Its just one type.

As a washing soap, so klin is also good for cleaning up dishes
and home surfaces, but has a problem cleaning off oil stains
completely. So it is not as powerful as canoe white bar soap or liquid

As for side effects, there are no known side effects that come with
using klin soap for laundry or bathing. And if FDA standing on
anti-bacterial soaps is anything to reckon with, then klin soap is
better than most acclaimed anti-bacterial soaps.

So klin soap is a white bar, packaged in a largely transparent pack
and so klin colours. So Klin soap is readily available everywhere in
Nigeria, and can be bought from shops, kiosks, supermarkets, and drug
stores. So klin soap costs between N70 and N80 for one bar.

Do you use so klin soap? What is your experience with it. Send in
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