In the later half of last year, a new soft drink took the Nigerian
market by storm. Big Cola, a soft drink produced by AJEAST Nigeria
Limited, an arm of AJEGroup, a Latin American multi national is the
latest gladiator to challenge CocaCola and Pepsi in Africa’s largest

So what is in this ‘Big Cola’? Big Cola is a soft drink that is
so similar to CocaCola’s coke in taste and content. But larger in
volume and cheaper in price. Big Cola is the latest brand to challenge
the ‘chieftains’ of the soft drink market in Nigeria(CocaCola and
Pepsi), after the likes of Ola Cola and Dr. Pepper.

AJEAST new product also comes in varieties similar to CocaCola,
there is Big Cola(Just like coke), Big Orange(Taste like Fante), and
Big Lemon which is far from lemon both closer to CocaCola’s sprite in
taste. Big Cola has captured the hearts of Nigerians with a marking
strategy that could be captioned: “Why spend more for less when you
can get more for less?”. A reference to Big Cola’s 65cl plastic bottle
that sells for a price that is currently N10-N20 Cheaper than
CocaCola’s 50cl bottled drinks.

The cost for value is expressed in this way:

CocaCola drink(50cl) —- N100

Big Cola/Big Orange/Big Lemon (50cl+15cl extra) — N80

It is not just price and quantity anyway, AJE claims to be
flying Big Cola under the “0% caffeine” banner. Unlike Coke and Pepsi
that are well known to contain significant amounts of caffeine per
pack(about 34mg). This of course makes Big Cola a better option for
children as a carbonated drink.

For now, in terms of value for cost, Pepsi’s “long throat” 65cl
plastic bottle is the only competitor for the new entrant. But still,
most Nigerians prefer that unbeatable “CocaCola” taste in Big Cola.
This of course is a new development after CocaCola ended its ‘Limited
Time 20% discount’ offer on their new 65cl plastic bottle.

As a friend of mine said, for Big Cola, the market still remains
wide enough to accommodate as many more ‘Colas’ as they come. (We are
talking of over 120 million throats here). Big Cola remains largely
untested in competition, having just one year under the belt,but there
are still factions of soft drink lovers who would prefer the larger
and de-caffeinated version of CocaCola. Especially parents concerned
about the caffeine intake of their children. One mistake you would
make as a parent is to hand your kids a serving of Coke when you wish
they would settle down. And modern analysis has discovered that
children run higher risks of sleep deprivation than adults as a result
of caffeine intake.

BigCola will also be the best option for nursing and pregnant
mothers who may find it difficult to resist the craving for carbonated

Despite the almost non-existent line between Big Cola and
CocaCola in terms of taste, a regular consumer of CocaCola will notice
the difference at the first sip. Coke contains more of the refreshing
agent-carbon and that awe-inspiring caffeine flavour that makes you
crave more from the bottle isn’t there. It is just some watered down
CocaCola. And some people may have issues with this.

As things get tougher economically, and Nigerians tighten their
pockets, there will always be the possibility for the hearts of
consumers to open up to new and cheaper products. Also, the rigidity
of the more established brands is one big reason to root for Big Cola
as the underdog here.

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