Stoves are generally the best option for low cost kitchen burners, especially in Africa where people have easier access to domestic kerosene than gas.  This post will be reviewing one of the many brands of non-pressure high energy kerosene burners. The Butterfly Stove.

Butterfly stove

        Butterfly stove brand is a brand that has been around for many years, scoring high in durability and efficiency, the stove can be found in about 6 out of every 10 homes using kerosene to cook. So what are the rounded corners of this product?

          Shape, Components & Colour.

Butterfly kerosene stove comes in to main shapes: the circular/rounded shape and the even square structure.  There are also two main types based on colour. The read and cream white mix and the all silver coat.
        Butterfly stove features the basic parts of a kerosene cooker plus some other unique features. A rather wide “grill” that would even give the larger pots a comfortable sitting. The grill holds are also bent at angles, this keeps the smaller pots from falling through.
       The stove also features a really “neat” chimney. Just in case you are not a big fan of smokey kitchens. The stove is almost smokeless and burns fuel at a high efficiency level.
         The Jack which turns the wicks up through their “tunnels” is a rigid capillary structure that can handle very rough handing. The extension handle of the jack is a thick rod, with a plastic knob on it. Note, be careful when using the knob, it breaks easily.
       Fuel tank capacity: This depends largely on the size of the stove. This in turn is determined by the number of wicks. 10 wick stoves usually come with 2 litre capacity tanks. More wicks, higher capacity to cope with the fuel consumption of the wicks.
         The stove is coated throughout with enamel paint. Even the inside of the fuel tank too. This greatly inhibits rust activity and cuts down leaks. All pointing to long term durability.
         You should also see a little spring handle attached to the chimney, this means you don’t have to touch the chimney directly to make necessary adjustments. 
As expected, this guy may fall far below expectations if you are used to gas burners. And so you might have issues with the heat emission(can be very high), slow burning, and that yellow, pot-darkening flame. Apart from these,which ate common with other stoves, butterfly stove has obtained a really good rating. 4/5 stars.
        And yes! Almost forgot this update- the wick channels or tunnels are likely going to develop cracks around the sides with use. This is caused by pressure from the wicks.  Problem with this is that kerosene begins to leak out through the cracks, and apart from messing the stove up, could set the whole thing in fire when you might up. So be warned, check for the crack faults regularly. When mine had such issues I made it a habit to regularly use some pliers to close of the cracks. The issue however can be solved once and for all by changing the whole jack assembly.
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