Right now, there is this Nigerian craze for slimming tea formulas and herbel portions that claim to drain pounds of fat in their hundreds before you sleep and wake up. One of the most sought after slimming tea portions is slim tea. An acclaimed 100% detox formula that promises to flush all fat out of your body , while increasing body metabolism as claimed by the manufacturers. In our research, prior to writing this post, we asked a few questions. Does slim tea actually burn any fat? Does it increase metabolism removing the need for a workout regime? Are their serious health issues that may result from using it wrongly or using it for the wrong person?

My friend kept pressuring me to try the tea, she said it could help me lose weight within a few weeks. I think she regularly sold the product which was why she had confidence in it. The first day I tried the tea, I drank it in the morning and by afternoon, my trauma began.
 “I started to have palpitations; it was as if I was going to pass out. I was restless, I knew something was wrong. When I checked my blood pressure it was over 140; I had never battled with high blood pressure in my life. No one had to tell me to throw the remaining teabags away. I am glad that the situation did not aggravate into something else. Many cases of kidney disease are linked to slimming tea consumption. What makes matters worse for people like me who use slimming teas to lose weight is that there are so many in the market. One could buy a fake product thinking it is the original. “

Waste flusher or fat flusher?

         Slim tea, just like all other products of its kind, contains a  significant volume of diuretics or laxatives, that is exactly why you spend more time in the toilet than usual after downing a cup. These laxatives and diuretics are merely flushing out much waste not fat. Truth be said, laxatives could go a long way to aid weigh loss, but by the time the laxatives start working, much of the food has been digested and calories absorbed. Laxatives, if not carefully used could lead to shortage of valuable mineral and electrolytes that aid heart functions and maintain heart rythm.

           Excessive use of laxatives or/diuretics could could cause some form of colon addiction, your colon gets to depend on laxatives to function and this could result in difficulty in passing out bowels.

Metabolism boosting.

Slim tea contains some ingredients the manufacturers may claim to have significant metabolism boosting effects. But research says  these ingredients most likely do not have any significant effect on metabolism. The increase in metabolism may only be noticed during ingestion, but they are not powerful enough to burn down your daily take of calories.

Appetite suppressant.

Guarana and caffeine contained in slim tea are active ingredients that suppress appetite, making you eat less, but constant intake(even in slim tea) is not recommended. This is due to cases of health problems from misuse and abuse. Hardcore stimulants like caffeine could interfere with sleep, inducing anxiety and high stress levels. Guarana increases the secretion of serotonin, a brain neurotransmitter which makes you feel full(even on an empty stomach).

     There are also cases of failed prescriptions caused by ingredients contained in slimming tea. These ingredients interfere with the functions of prescription drugs and in a few cases could worsen minor issues that should have been resolved by over-the-counter drugs.


Slim tea is best used carefully. The label says “can take the product at your own conveniences”, so there are no strict stipulations. Best results are achieve when you accompany it with a healthy weigh loss regime incorporating exercise and dieting.

These cases and issues itemised here are based on individual differences. A few individuals may consume slim tea and achieve some nice results, but that doesn’t mean it works for all. In fact, slim tea for 8 out of 10 consumers is a failure. Especially for really overweight individuals.

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