Ivory passion beauty care is a soap that is specially crafted to nourish and deeply moisturize your skin in the softest possible way, while enriching it with the goodness of the best perfumes. It is made from silk protein extracts that deterge the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated for the best sensations. It is made from 100% vegetable fat.


Sodium Oleate, Sodium palmitate, sodium laurate, sodium mysriate, aqua, glycerine, stabilizer, lemon grass extracts, colouring.


     Ivory passion beauty care contains lemon grass as an active ingredient. Lemon grass is one of the world’s most powerful natural skin toners. It also contains a rich blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for maximum protection from germs. Lemon grass also gives Ivory passion soap its powerful deterging ability.


Ivory passion beauty care soap not only cleans your skin up, but replaces unpleasant odors with a strong but not so over powering aroma. It has an aroma that is similar to Eva soap Ivory. The aroma also has a long lasting presence of several hours which makes the soap an excellent deodorant.


Ivory passion lathers excellent with a silky smooth feel. Very little amount of the soap should be used at a time, otherwise you could use up more water trying to wash off the sods and foam.

     Ivory passion soap bar has a net weight of 150g  which is quite big and that’s why it is in our list of economical soap brands. It has a bright orange color. Ivory passion beauty care soap bar comes neatly packed in a 10 x 7 x 3.5 cm carton.

Givanas industry Nigeria Limited.
Plot C49, Amuwo commercial scheme,
Amuwo Odofin, Lagos, Nigeria

NAFDAC Reg no: 02-9427

Net weight: 150g

Storage conditions: Place in a cool dry place.

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