For the first time, a Nigerian network operator was purnished for its favourite crime- disturbing the valuable peace of customers.

Airtel Nigeria has been ordered by an FCT high court to  pay the sum of 5 million naira to a customer for disturbing his privacy. It’s not unusual for a Nigerian cellphone operator to have his privacy and peace shattered periodically by those crazy pips and jingles from Nigeria’s mobile network operators. But this is really the first time a fine is being slammed for the violation(well ever since it became a violation of NCC rules).

Everyday for the thief but one day is sure for the house(phone) owner, Airtel Nigeria has been ordered by the seating judge at an FCT high court to Immediately pay the sum of 5 million naira to one Emmanuel Anene, a subscriber for continuously disturbing his privacy.

Funny enough, Airtel didn’t reply to the suit, and was even absent during the case hearing(probably busy sending annoying messages to other people😟). But that didn’t stop the judge from ruling on the case in the plaintiff’s favour, stepping down the initial claim from 200 million to 5 million.

We all thought these annoying messages we receive daily from these guys(by the way glo is worse or what do you think?) would stop with the introduction of the 2442 ‘Do-not-disturb’ code, but we all know better. Even when the minister for communication is swearing and insisting on the opposite😟.


I am glad to inform you, that a ‘do not disturb’ code, has now been put in place to stop unsolicited SMS and other similar messages.
But the wonder is, why would the court order the fine rather than order Airtel to Immediately desist from sending the messages. Does it mean that Mr. Emmanuel will continue receiving the messages in future. Will airtel appeal the judgment, and will this go on to serve as a deterrent for other mobile network operators? Let’s see what happens. Please click the like button to like our Facebook page so we can serve you better!👍😁

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