Gradually the annoying habit of these telecom companies is beginning to garner negative attention. A former military governor of Kaduna- Rtd. Col. Abubakar Dangiwa Umar has sued MTN for constantly bombarding him with text messages and also for fraudulent deductions from not just his account but the accounts of other users.

 The retired colonel ordered his lawyers to file the lawsuit following unanswered petitions and complaints. He said that his main reason for filing the suit was that he was totally unhappy with MTN’s way of seeking to enrich themselves at the expense of customers.

The former governor shared two of the last messages he received from MTN. One of them was for a callertune subscription, which he was charged N50 for, with an option to opt-out. The other text informed him of a subscription to an SMS service for jokes, and charged another N50 for the service, with an option to opt-out. If N50 is deducted from 10 million customers, that would give a nice N500 million for one week subscription. And then the cycle repeats itself.

Rtd. Col. Umar said that he was taking the trouble to sue MTN on-behalf of millions of Nigerians facing the same issues. Weeks ago, another Nigerian, Mr. Emmanuel Anene won a lawsuit against airtel. Mr. Emmanuel sued airtel for disturbing his privacy with unsolicited messages, at the end the court ruled that airtel be fined N5 million for damages.

I hope these lawsuits will stop our telecos from spamming us further.

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