This post will be throwing the flashlight on a top toilet cleaner in Nigeria-Harpic Original Power Plus liquid toilet wash. This review is based on my personal experience with the product and is incomplete without your feedback, so please leave a comment at the end it will help our community.
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OK, the story goes this way and its very simple last week a friend of mine visited me and commented that my toilet was not just neat at all, of course I argued that I wash it regularly at the end the argument tilted to “what do you use to wash the toilet”. Truth is, I have been using plain detergent and brush for a long time and when I told him he laughed and asked me if I didn’t know about harpic, I told him I knew about it but hadn’t tried it, cut the story short, I got the stuff and tried it.

I thought it was just going to leave the normal effect as the detergent but then I discovered a few new things:

  • Harpic power plus acts deeper and its able to remove very stubborn, sticky brown stains without needing much scrubbing. Its also fast acting, once it eats deep into the stains it pulls them off quickly.

  • It has a long lasting sterilizing effect, it cleans yes but also leaves a presence behind that makes the next set of incoming germs uncomfortable.

  • The smell may be overwhelming immediately after a wash, but its not harsh and not toxic either.

  • Its bleaching effect ensures your toilet and bowls are not just clean but sparkling. This was the first thing I noticed, using detergent would have giving my toilet a dull appearance. 

  • Gets into and cleans up tight corners. 

Harpic power plus is far more powerful than using detergents, it clings to the walls of your bowl until it peels of the dirt from them. Its formula is also powerful enough to attack and eliminate germs and limescale. Harpic power plus is a deep blue liquid packaged in a plastic can with a drop-nozzle. Other alternatives for harpic are kleanmate, Lysol toilet cleaners, but these are not as good as harpic.


Harpic power plus is marketed and distributed in Nigeria by: RECKIT BENKISER NIGERIA LTD. Located at plot C3/2 Agbara industrial estate, Ogun State,  Nigeria. They are also registered with Nafdac with the registration no- 02-2699.

Harpic power plus is readily available in supermarkets all around Nigeria at a starting price of N650.

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