This post will be reviewing a popular brand of evaporated milk in Nigerian Olympic milk. After peak and three crowns, it comes next in popularity, quality and taste, its also one of the cheapest evaporated milk brands too.

Olympic milk was first launched as an evaporated milk brand into the Nigerian market in 2008 and it remained an evaporated milk brand until late 2014 when the powdered forms were introduced. Olympic evaporated milk is sold in the tinned liquid format and it is also available in its powdered family/economy satchet packs.
Olympic milk is a fat filled evaporated milk that contains plant fats(vegetable fats) which helps in reducing the absorption of cholesterol by the body. This makes it a healthy choice for adults. It also contains significant quantities of vitamins A and D which contribute a lot to the health of the immune system.


Olympic evaporated milk has a creamy rich taste which is normal with most evaporated milk brands. It is not all that sugary and combines well with coffee, soy bean powder, tea and other beverages. It adds a rich taste to beverage drinks.


Energy Vegetable fat Cholesterol Protein Carbohydrates Calcium Vitamin A Vitamin C
542kj/129kcal 7.0g 0.0068g 6.0g 10.0g 234mg 750IU 120IU

Vegetable fat
Vitamins and and a food quantity of carbohydrates.
Olympic evaporated milk is packaged in a tin, with a largely blue coloured paper label taped around the size. One thing though, I couldn’t find a Nafdac registration number on the top of the tin. According to the website, Olympic evaporated milk is packaged under the most hygienic conditions and there are no health risks of contamination. But that doesn’t mean you should not watch out for dents or perforations on the tin before buying. 

Olympic milk has a longer preservation span after it has been opened more than other brands. After opening, the milk can last for about 20 hours without getting sour, so far as it remains covered. Preservation can also be extended by refrigerating.  Olympic evaporated milk for now is only suitable for adults and children from 8 years and above, it may not be good for infant feeding. 
Olympic milk is manufactured in Nigeria by NUTRICIMA under license from MILK VENTURES(UK) LTD and distributed by PZ cussons. 
Similar products: Peak evaporated milk, Nunu, three crowns. 
Brand ambassador: Peter Okoye(P-square)
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