Xtouch E1 is a budget smartphone that was released earlier this year by Xtouch, a subsidiary of smartphone makers- Injoo. Xtouch E1 offers an impressive 5 inch mid-quality resolution screen and a 3200mAh battery in a nice budget fitting package. Let’s look at the specs…

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Xtouch E1 is made of a kind of plastic that won’t give up under minimal pressure, the phone is quite rugged and has the capabilities to take some level of rough treatment. Its a thick device though, at 9mm and its a bit bulky.

Xtouch E1 features a nice 5 inch display with a decent 480 by 854 pixel resolution. The resolution isn’t that high anyway, but looking at the price of the unit, it is expected that Xtouch had to compromise in the area.

Xtouch E1 features a pair of cool snappers, a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP selfie camera. Both cameras performing at quite low resolutions.


A look inside Xtouch E1 and we see a quad core processor clocked at 1.2Ghz and backed up by 1GB RAM, the phone runs on android 5.1 version. The phone clocks a decent speed but it may not be the best option for your high definition android games. All the same, the 1GB RAM should ensure switching between apps seamlessly. The on-board storage is a decent 8GB, much of which is expected to be taken up by system utilities. Fortunately, the storage is expandable by SD card up to 32GB.


The power pack on-board the Xtouch E1 is an attractive 3200mAh battery that promises almost 300 hours of stand-by time and 15 hours straight of talk time.
Other features are dual SIM slots(micro SIM), WiFi, WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth, media/audio.


Xtouch E1 is available in Nigeria at a starting price of N27,000-N30,000 depending on time and location. You can also get it online
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