If you are the kind of chef-freak who loves cooking and showing off your exploits in the kitchen, then this promo is for you. Morning fresh dishwashing liquid soap has been running a promo for about a week now. The promo is termed “the search for the best Nigerian dish”. It is a platform where all fans of morning fresh will select the best looking dish from a plethora of choices placed on the menu by contestants.

To contest: 

1. First prepare your favourite dish and make sure it looks really decorated.

2. Plate it in a very beautiful dish.

3. Make a collage or picnic of the food in the dish, dirty dishes in your sink and a set of photo finish neat dishes arranged neatly with a bottle of morning fresh.

4. Upload and get friends to like your entry.

Yeah! Finish! Of course the winner is the contestant with the biggest hits, so get across to all your friends and enemies😂😂😂. More votes increases your chances of coming out a winner.  To submit your recipes please follow this link or copy and paste in your browser.

For more info, terms and conditions check out morning fresh on social media

Twitter: @MorningfreshNG
Instagram: @MorningfreshNG

      Hurry now, it opened on 14th Nov, you still have 7 weeks to go!

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