Insurance is an age-long thing and it is every where. When you talk insurance, the mind immediately moves to cars, lives and assests right? But phones can be insured too, especially in this time where phones cost as much as N200,000, it is just very important you insure your phone against losses and damages.

 Slot is one of the first phone deal to introduce phone insurance. But it turns out that the insurance just covers your screen against damage. So I did a little digging to find find out other insurance that are available for your phone.


         With pointek insurance, you will never have to bother about a stolen phone. The insurance provides premium coverage against phone theft and it is cool. Considering the fact that we are past the age of sagem and 3310 phones, insuring an iphone that cost you 100k isn’t a bad idea. As far as theft is concerned. Visit for more info.


       Courtesy of AXA Mansard, you can now buy an insurance plan for your phone on jumia. The plan covers against screen damage and damage from liquids. The pricing of the plans depends of the price of the phone. View more info here


         Arguably the biggest e-commerce platform in West Africa, konga has a gadget protection plan too. The plan is sponsored by the partnership between SuperGeeks, an after sales tech support firm and Cornerstone insurance. The plan covers damages and the cost of repairs. The coverage includes: screen damage, damage from liquids, port issues, keyboard issues(for laptops). More info


         IGI insurance, a top insurance company has partnered with SLOT to offer coverage for SLOT phones. The brands covered in the plan include: Apple, Samsung, HTC, these phones are a real headache when you have to repair their screens. Good thing, the plan specialises in covering screen damage too. Slot insurance is available at slot retail stores nationwide.

        One thing about these plans is that, they only work with brand new phones bought from the partner carriers, secondhand phones are not supported for now.

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