Etisalat easy millions promo has been on for a month now and customers are cashing in already, fortunes have been changed too. Etisalat easy millions is a promo that promises to reward every subscriber on the network, both old and new. Every subscriber has the chance to be a millionaire just overnight😁. OK it works this way…

N10M cash to be won by 2 etisalat numbers every day
N1M cash to be won by 20 etisalat numbers every day
N100,000 cash to be won by 200 numbers every day
N1000 airtime to be won by 10,000 numbers daily

Not just that…

2 numbers to win N50,000 daily
1 number to hit N5,000,000 jackpot monthly


The Mega Jackpot is with over N10 million and will be won by a super lucky subscriber. The first monthly jackpot for the N5,000,000 price will be done on or before 30th November, 2016


Simply send WIN to 278 as a text message and you’re on board to win millions(100 naira/SMS).

For now a few of the winners are…

Oladejo Rahman Olamilekan—- 0909****724

 Dauda Abass Babatunde—- 0818****554

 Amina SiyamaAliyu—– 0908****835 

OsaniYakubu—- 0817****872 

OmozusiIkponmwosa —-0818****518

Hurry now! Send WIN to 278 or visit for more info.

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