Recently there has been a significant increase in direct payment referral schemes. You must have heard of a few yourself: Icharity, Crowd rising, MMM, Highest Boss etc. Just recently MMM hibernated, freezing all the accounts of its members making people lose faith in these ‘poverty alleviation schemes’. After two weeks of a partial shut-down, the highest paying of these schemes: Ultimate Cycler has opened up its website for operations.

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Roughly a fortnight ago, Ultimate Cycler shut down its website, with the CEO informing members to be patient as they work on upgrading the website and the servers. Well, two days ago, the website was opened up again,  and its better than before. The design is easier and much simpler than before.

Ultimate Cycler is a 2X2 peer-to-peer donation system, just like other peer-to-peer schemes, member donate cash directly to each other within the system. Note that you’re not paying your money to the system, but directly to someone inside the system, that is, a fellow member. To register on ultimate cycler, you need just a few details, such as your full name, email, phone number, account number. Now its simple, when you register, you’ll be told to pay in the registration fee of N12,500 to the person two levels above you. After paying the Money, the person will have to confirm that he/she has received the money and activate your account fully for operations. Once your account is activated, you will be giving a referral link which you will use to invite people.

As I said before, the system is a unique  2X2 system, and so you’ll just need to bring two people to register under you, and then the two people will have to go out and also bring two persons to register under them. So its like this…

Since the rule in the system is that you pay to the person two levels above you, it means that each of those four people brought by your two downlines will pay you N12,500. Which gives a total of N50,000. Please refer to the images for clearance. After getting paid the first time, you may choose to upgrade to the next level(level 2), by paying the person two levels above you N25,000. The same thing happens, you’re are now matched with four people to pay you the same same sum which gives N100,000. You can also choose to ‘recycle’ on a particular stage. That is, remain on that stage without upgrading, but in the business upgrading brings you closer to realizing immense success.

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The next level is level three. You upgrade to this stage by paying N50,000 to the person two levels above you. The system matches four people to pay you N50,000 each, giving a total of N200,000.

The next stage is level four. You upgrade to this stage with N100,000. The system matches four down lines, two levels below you to pay you N100,000 each, giving a total of N400,000.

The next level is level five. You upgrade to this level by paying N200,000 to the person two levels above you. The four down lines  two levels below you will be matched to pay you the same amount. This gives a total of N800,000.

You upgrade to the sixth level with N400,000. Four down lines will be matched to pay you a total of N1,600,000

You upgrade to the seventh level with N800,000, four down lines two levels below you will pay you N3,200,000

The cool thing about ultimate cycler is that its is more realistic than most other donation networks that need you to bring more than two people. All you need are two down lines. You can also speed up your payment by helping your down lines complete their levels.

Note: Please ignore messages suggesting that ultimate cycler will pay you if you don’t so anything. This system isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, but it can turn your fortunes around if you’ll work hard and systematically too. Take your upgrades seriously, upgrade as you complete the levels, otherwise, someone below you might grab the opportunity before you and go above you. Teach your down lines and encourage them to upgrade their levels too. It will help quicken your payment. 

Ultimate cycler is a tested and trusted website, it is a scam-free online platform and it pays. Ultimate cycler also has an array of digital products that could enrich your business in several ways. The website is secure and members’ details are secured on servers.

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