This is going to be brief… A few things crossed my mind this morning, while I was engaged in a few transactions.  We wash our bodies with soap and water, wash our hands with soap and water, wash our clothes with soap and water, we even clean our dishes with soap and water, but we wipe  our bum after a heck of some dirty business with tissue paper. How sensible is that? True, ditching your tissue paper my sound gross and scary, but there are still a lot of people who will swear by soap and water. For the obvious reasons, tissue paper could irritate you bum and they don’t just do the job well enough.

A brief history of both…

Man’s first settlement was around rivers and streams, so it was natural that the more advanced specie of the animal kingdom will think of washing his bum with water and thereafter wash his hands with water too. But as settlements began to disperse, water became a bit difficult too get, some of the population migrated to colder regions, imagine splashing a cup of ice cold water after a some good shitting business. Ew! Well the Romans started the trend first. By using a piece of sponge, dipped in salt solution and tied to a stick, they cleaned their bum. Gradually paper became cheaper and was used, then softer, more fragile paper was also introduced. But before all these, man used leaves, stems of plants, smoothened wooden sticks, pieces of cloth and even stone.


Personally I believe using water and soap is far more hygienic than tissue paper. Tissue paper can wipe your butt clean, but won’t clean off the billions of bacteria crawling around. Water and soap will do better by cleaning off and killing off the bacteria. Besides, tissue paper is safer for the earth. Imagine all the tissue millions of Nigerians use every year, millions of kilowatts in energy are used to produce tissue, but what about our dear trees and how disposing off the used paper impacts on our environment?

Let’s face it, wiping is dirty work and sometimes your fingers could get in the way. Using a tissue could make you feel safe, and a bit careless when you’re cleaning your hands. Also, repeatedly wiping the soft, sensitive skin of your bum with paper might open up tiny bleeding cracks that could make your bum itch you for a whole week. Ordinarily, soft paper irritates the nerve endings.

Finally, if your tissue paper is sparkling white, then it is very cool, afterall the whiter the better. But white tissue paper contains bleach, and bleach contains chlorine, and yes chlorine is toxic to your skin. Shredded tissue paper will always leave its footprints in your bum, depositing sizeable quantities of non-friendly toxins right inside your buttocks.

In conclusion…

Its all up to you to choose, after all its your poo,its your bum and I suppose the tissue paper is yours too. Just do what you feel works for you.

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