Not long ago, I needed to download some episodes from a TV series, but I just couldn’t find a good android app to download the series. In fact, till today, I’m yet to find an android app that chronicles a list of popular TV shows and movies, well except MovieLite. MovieLite is an android app that stocks a whole lot of very interesting titles in its movie library. With MovieLight, you have one-touch download access to popular, interesting movies.

For now, the library isn’t wide enough to feature all the titles you may have imagined, but the app is updated regularly, besides, you don’t need to struggle looking for places to download popular movies from this year and last year anymore.

Currently the app isn’t hosted on playstore yet, the developers are planning to release a few updates that will be featured on android playstore. An iOS app is on the way too. MovieLite is proudly Nigerian, and it is the best Nigerian app for downloading movies and TV shows. It is fast too, and its size is little, so you can be sure it wouldn’t take so much space.

You can download the app here.

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