Following a successful dettol #ihaveeventone challenge 1, Dettol Nigeria have launched the second series of the Contest.

To join the #IHaveEventone2 Campaign, all you need to do is;

• Buy and use the Dettol eventone soap.

• Take a picture holding the soap or a video washing your face with the soap

• Upload your video or picture on your Facebook, Instagram or twitter page, using the hashtag #Ihaveeventone2; The video or picture should show the Dettol even tone pack.

• Finally, tag the Dettol Nigeria social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @DettolNigeria and Call for your friends to like your post as the Post with the highest number of likes wins!

A Car 
Shopping Vouchers

The #IHaveEventone2 Challenge will run from May 15th, 2017 to June 2017 and 2 winners will be announced each week!


#IHaveEventone Challenge
• Please all applicants should note that the IHaveEventone Challenge promotion is meant and open to Male & Females from 18 years upward residing in Nigeria.
•  For employees or agents and agencies of RB Nigeria, their family members or anyone professionally connected to the organisation are to be aware that they are surely excluded from this competition.
• Anyone who is participating, they should please ensure they have a valid facebook address account, Twitter and instagram accounts to be able to participate.
• The sole criteria to participate in the competition is that one must purchase the EVENTONE bar soap, upload a picture or video of yourself with the Dettol Eventone soap and share on your social media page using the hashtag #ihaveeventone.
• Please ensure that all your entries on Instagram and Twitter must go along with the hash tag @DettolNigeria and have the hashtag “#Ihaveeventone” to qualify.
• There will be Weekly winners which accordingly will be selected based on raffle draw of all entries for the week, and announced on the Dettol Nigeria Social Media pages.
• 5 At the end of each week, (Five) winners will emerge, 4 (Four) will win free mobile airtime, and 1 (One) will win a mobile tab
• Please note that a video or 1 (One) video view will be equivalent to 5 entries.
• Now please take note of this. It is very crucial. It states that In any event or situation whereby a winner cannot be reached or is unavailable for 48 hours after announcement, the prize would be awarded to the next entry.
• Then for the Weekly winners, there names will be announced on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th day of the competition.
• Weekly winners can only win once, but are still eligible for the Star Prize. 
• For the Star Prize winner, that one will emerge by raffle draw of all entries during the competition. This will be done one week after the competition which ends on August 5, 2016. 
• All Winners of the raffle draw as it where, will definitely be contacted instantly, and subsequently announced on the Dettol Nigeria social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
• All of the Prizes are non-transferrable.
• All Winners should allow up to 5 weeks after the announcement for delivery of prize.
• RB – It should be noted that the organisers do reserve the right to substitute prizes or products of higher value subject to availability of current prizes.
• Please be notified that any Malicious comments or statements made post raffle draw may result in legal action by RB Nigeria. 
• Pictures of prizes in all communication materials may be different in colour from the actual. 
• There will be no responsibility that will be accepted for entries lost, damaged or delayed as a result of network.
• RB Please note that the organisers have the absolute discretion or authority to disqualify entries.
• There will be no third part Entries because all entries will be made by participants and a Proof of identity would be required.
• When a winner accepts the prize, the winner of such a prize agrees to take part in any reasonable publicity related to the competition.
• Plerase note that as applicants enters the competition, the participant agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions.
• Take note that the decision on winners is final and non-contestable made by the Orgaisers. 

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