Indomie is a brand, a household name and symbol of quality noodles that has stood the test of time for years, entrenching its uniqueness in the heart of Nigerian consumers. Kids adore it, adults enjoy it. Indomie unlike most noodles is known for its well blended tasty flavors (something ‘Tummy Tumy’ doesn’t have). But over the years,indomie has released a range of products of varying sizes and flavours into the market, and if you don’t know all of them because you have stuck to one favorite type, then you’re not alone. I didn’t know that there was any size bigger than Hungry-man until two days ago, and I didn’t know that apart from super pack there were some other chicken-flavoured smaller packs.

So, I made a few inquiries and I got a list of all noodles under the indomie brand. Believe me, you’ll be lucky if you ever find a down-the-street provision store with all of them in stock. Each size and type has its own market, so while you may find a particular size in the South-East,you wouldn’t find it in the west. So first of all…

Chicken Flavour (70g)

This is the pack endorsed by indomie’s own superhero or rather super-fictional team(they only exist on the packet). It is also the cheapest and the smallest too. Its seasoning pack comes with a tasty(almost salty) chicken Flavour, but its okay. Depending on your location in Nigeria, a pack could cost you N60 or N70.

Indomie Onion Chicken

This particular one is as rare as gold. But don’t go looking for it, you may not like it for taste when you do find it. This one is kind of different, it comes with a an onion-rich Flavour and also a packet of cooking oil. The cooking oil sachet contains onion stuff suspended in vegetable oil. Me? I don’t like it.

Super Pack -(120g)

This the bigger and saltier version of the indomitables pack. Still the same chicken Flavour, same ingredient, same ground chilli pepper, but bigger in size and more expensive. Its costs about N100 depending on your location.

Oriental Fried noodles(100g)

The main advertising keyword indomie uses to promote this product is ‘variety’. A dash of spice and some vegetables. Well, I don’t understand what the mean by variety, but I think the vegetables, offer enough variety compared to Tummy Tummu’s dried vegetables. Still, this one is rare.

Indomie Pepper Chicken(100g)

A treat for all the pepper lovers! Challenge your taste buds with the hottest and spiciest offering from the house of Indomie. Pepper Chicken brings together a mouth-watering combination of chicken flavour, spices and red hot pepper. If you are a full-blooded Ebonyi state man, and you can eat pepersoup without taking water, go for this. Its also a cool try if you need to take a lot of water. Warning: Eat in a cold dry place.

Hungry-man size

For those with large appetites this is the right choice. With this size, indomie has been able to prove that while getting bigger, and more satisfying, it still doesn’t lose that precious taste. The pack weighs an awesome 210g.


Except you’re… You can’t finish this pack alone at a go. It still belongs to the chicken pack family, but weighs an astonishing 450g. It stands as the world’s biggest noodles pack. And wherever you find it is about N50 more expensive than its predecessor – hungry man.



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