If I ask you, you wouldn’t think or blink before blurting out the word ‘coke’ as the first soft drink you’ve ever tasted. That is how popular coca-cola is. Everyday, not less than 1.9 billion servings of coca-cola products are sold out, and Coke, the brand’s flagbearer takes up more than half of that figure.

Lets say…you walk into a little restaurant one hot afternoon, you’re hoping you could refresh yourself after stunting about under the hot sun. Your favorite choice for a soft-drink is a bottle of chilled Coke combine with soft, meaty snacks. Yummy! Anyway… The waiter asks you the type of coke you prefer, and then you give your answer. But what if, the waiter becomes dangerously inquisitive? Starts asking why you want that particular coke? For me, my expression and impatience would be better imagined than seen.

OK, before I drift away. There are three main types of Cocacola available around Nigeria. Diet Coke, Classic Coke and Coke Zero. But before ask you which is your favorite, let’s find out first what makes these products different? And why Coca-cola couldn’t just blend the whole three into one.

Classic Coke

This is the good  old coke. The coke invented in the 19th century and still hasn’t changed since. The coke we were once privileged to take only during festive occasions. When we had to share a bottle with five other persons and dad, mom and uncle had one bottle to themselves. The classic coke stands out by its sugar content. It contains a lot of sugar and caffeine. The carbonated drink is usually distributed to licensed coke bottlers in its concentrated form, the bottlers dilute the concentrate with carbonated water and add a blend of artificial sweeteners.

Diet Coke

This particular one is sugar free, but it is still sweet. You are wondering why? It contains artificial sweeteners that don’t belong to the sugar family. It’s low sugar content means it contains less calories and is less likely to make you fat. At first, coca-cola used artificial sweetening agents like saccharin and aspartame, but later switched fully to aspartame for safety sake.

Coke Zero

Coke Zero tastes just like the classic coke, but just like diet coke, contains no sugar. The sugar is replaced with artificial sweeteners. People prefer coke zero because it’s taste is very similar to the ordinary coke. And that is because it contains almost as much caffeine as the ordinary coke.

Of the three…

Regular Coke               9.7 mg/100ml

Diet Coke                     12.8 mg/100ml

Coke Zero                    9.6mg/1Coke


And so for people who are cutting down on sugar intake but still want to enjoy something close to the original coke, Coke Zero is a better option. Coke zero is relatively newer than the other two, it has been around for less than two decades. Diet coke has been around since the early ’80s.

Are you still there? So here comes the question, which do you prefer? Don’t leave with dropping your opinion.


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  • August 7, 2017 at 5:29 am

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