Sometime, not too long ago, my sister warned me about the the so-called new and fake Amstel Malta. I mean the popular Amstel Malta you know, the one usually served in weddings and other ceremonies. Yes… The canned type. She said something about the fake one possibly being brewed locally here in Nigeria, aside world health standards. At first I argued it, but then she showed my proof. The proof is in the pictures. I believed it until…

I discovered it was actually a big hoax

There is nothing like fake or original Amstel Malta. Canned Amstel Malta is the same. The difference lies in the packaging, one is the newer park endorsed by the highest mark from SON, the NIS logo.  while the other is relatively old. Whichever way, the both are still healthy. The difference lies in just two areas, the front and the back of the can. A few Nigerians who decided to play pranks on some other Nigerians, decided that the Amstel Malta type that hadn’t the ‘Low Sugar’ tag was fake. For the second area, this same group of hoax-peddlers are also raising dust on the matter of the old and new NIS logo. The NIS logo is the highest mark from SON.  And SON (Standard Orgamisation of Nigeria) just happened to change how this particular logo should look like.

Well the blame should be laid on the Amstel group at Nigerian brewries for not informing us, before the change. The have since apologised and done the needful by informing their valued customers. But I think Nigerians should learn to investigate rumours before passing it around. This hoax and fake news thing is poisonous and can kill a brand off easily.

For the meantime, keep enjoying your canned Amstel and forget all that rubbish talk about the fake one made in Aba or Ijebu-Ode. *wink

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