Imagine my shock when I discovered that the lamp which was on charge for the whole of the morning and afternoon, more than 8 hours, the light was already dimming after just 45 minutes of use. I was just too disgusted to curse. I switched on the second one I had and that too ran down after barely 40 minutes. So after charging them for a total of 18 hours all I could get was an hour and twenty minutes. I simply went to sleep in frustration, hoping the forces of the universe will touch the hearts of PHCN to restore power. 

OK… So that long story I just told describes the type of frustration people who use rechargeable lamps go through in Nigeria. Power in Nigeria is a valuable stuff that doesn’t just come anyhow, so most times we are in the dark, thanks to rechargeable lamps, we don’t have to use obsolete, rather deprecated kerosine lamps and candle sticks anymore.

But there is something I noticed and it is crazy. Just because there is a willing market in Nigeria doesn’t mean China should ship in useless fake lanterns to us. I mean SON should look into this.😟 Lontor rechargeable lamps have the advantage of being lighter and more flexible than their deprecated counterparts, the lanterns that use heavier batteries. And so, they sell faster than nickel powered lamps.

But introducing lamps that don’t last for more than an hour after 24 hours of constant charging is totally unacceptable. These days, I just prefer going with the LED flash of my phone, it is brighter and doesn’t fail atleast. The worst is the solar lamp, be careful when buying that one. Especially the one that use fluorescent tubes. Just be sure that after the first one month of quality performance, the lamp becomes as good as useless the following month. And you’ll be tempted to go and buy another one. And the cycle continues.

I understand  that the lifeblood of any business thrives on steady patronage, but that doesn’t mean these Chinese manufacturers or whatever they are will dump fancifully polished fake products that can never compensate for the money spent on them. I can’t suggest any better solution right now, but I’ll prefer to spend my money on the old recahrgeable lamps running on heavy nickel batteries to lontor’s products. Or just go with my phone’s LED flash. No way! I’m not going back to kerosine lamps😂😂😂😂.

Looks like this made-in-Nigeria campaign should extend to electric and electronics. Please what do you think? Don’t leave without a comment.


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