Tura Germicidal Medicated Soap is the fourth different brand of soap I’m using in four straight weeks of soap sampling. Please read my post on the previous soap I used here. Tura has been around for a long while, a very long while, but I just decided to put it on my list of soap bars to be sampled. Honestly, I never expected the kind of results I got, after using it for just four days. But first of all… I’ll tell you why I was skeptical about getting the soap at first.

Clear off pimples and skin infections with these soaps.

The name. ‘Germicidal’ , ‘medicated’.

Since my childhood I’ve never been a big fan of ‘medicated soap’. I mean, I just prefer to go with a sweet smelling basic toilet soap. Simple, but that’s me. So when I saw the tag ‘Germicidal’, I was a bit skeptical about getting something that would be harsh on my face.


Honestly… Tura has a very strong smell that is very similar with Izal germicide. Its smell can last for ours after you’ve left the bathroom, but the smell is not soft and ‘scenty’. Not at all. The fragrance may not be something you would like if your nostrils react negatively to the smell of a normal germicide.


I love brightly colored soap bars. Preferably yellow, sky blue, pink, orange or any other bright appearance. But I was surprised when I opened the pack to see a dull colored soap bar inside. My interest in having a bath dropped immediately. Don’t blame me. That’s me.

Its not made-in-Nigeria

For weeks now, I’ve been using made-in-Nigeria soap bars and then I had to reluctantly break the trend. With a soap imported from England.


It just turned out that all, almost all my assumptions about the soap were wrong. Tura is a beautiful soap, and despite the fact that it may not have exfoliating and skin toning abilities. Its a powerful anti-germ and anti-infection soap. The only reason why I bought this soap is just because I had a few issues with painfully huge pimples on my face. And it is a good thing I wasn’t disappointed. Few days after I used it first, the pimples and furuncles(inflammated areas) have all cleared. And I’ve also been relieved off the effect of using Dudu Osun black soap.

Tura is all about fighting germs and protecting yoir skin from infections. This means that the chances of you having boils or inflammation on yourskin while using Tura will be reduced. Tura contains vitamin E extracted from Wheat oil which nourishes your skin.

In summary, Tura does three things:

-Protects your skin from germs and infection

-Fights body odor

-Refreshes the skin

Tura Medicated Soap contains Butylene Grape Extract, Disodium Edta, Malic Acid, Perfume, Salicylic Acid, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Metabisulphite, Sodium Sulphite, Sodium Tallowate, and Triclosan as active ingredients. Detailed info about Tura here

Manufacturer details:

NAFDAC Reg No: 02-3585

Tura Germicidal Medicated Soap is widely available around Nigeria for a price below N200.


Tetmosol, dettol, delta and a other strong antibacterial soaps like premier cool.

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