In my hood, there is this popular idea that iPhones are for the ‘big boyz’. That is not so far from the truth anyway, considering that an iphone 7 costs more than half a million on Konga. iPhones are classy and fanciful, bit what if they are JUST classy and fanciful? I’ve seen people who dumped their android phones to move on to iPhones, and thereafter run back to android again. I’m one of them. After carrying the bulky weight of a Samsung galaxy 5S and and and iPhone 5 around, I discovered I was using my android phone much more frequently. In fact, I only used the iPhone when I felt like showing it off.

I’m not such a big hater of iPhones, but after using just one iphone for a few months- these are the reasons why I don’t like them.

1. They don’t share anything

If you have been using an iPhone for more than two weeks, then you should know this. iPhones don’t share anything,except ofcourse that gadget had iTunes on it. No xender, no flash share.

2. Storage limitations

On my Samsung I have the option of extending my internal memory up to 128GB by SD card. Sadly, SD card slots are not available on apple’s iPhone. And it really gets annoying when you understand that human need for more storage is insatiable.

3. I can’t get any music outside iTunes.

For me, it is totally crazy when you have to buy a new hit track for a few dollars while others are streaming it free on android and other platforms. Besides buying things in foreign currency is now so difficult in Nigeria, except you have a functioning domicillary account at your disposal.

The only way round this is getting a computer that has iTunes installedto transfer the music file to you.

4. Less control over my iphone

This is one thing that I so annoying. An android phone offers you more control and flexibility. You can run task scheduling apps on android, decide how to share your network and whom to share with, gain root access to do a lot of smart stuff at the core. Things you won’t even dream of getting on iPhone wrote platform.

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5. Hardware limitations

One cool thing I’ve always admired about the android platform is the variety and the classy hardware android smartphone makers introduce into every new device. I once used to think iPhone had an advantage over other phones due to its camera and performamce levels (even on moderate processor and RAM). But trust me, if you’re a power user, the iPhone isn’t for you. Whatever iPhone it is, just leave it and go for a power android phone. There are smart android phones with smart cameras that can be gotten for one-third the price of iPhone 7, yet their cameras and hardware perform better than iPhone 7.

What about the fingerprint sensor that even Apple’s latest iPhone doesn’t have, but has become somewhat of a standard convention on Gionee, LG, Infinix Mobility, HTC and Injoo.

Infact, Charlie, I’ll only get another iPhone when I feel like I have enough money to waste. Or what do you think?

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