Since last weekend, many Nigerians have been experiencing poor internet service, and the complaints have come pouring in tons. Nigerian subscribers have not wasted time to blame their ISPs including the big telecom companies. Unfortunately, after third-party providers like Swift, MTNNG and Airtel have been the most hard-hit on the list.

Actually, it is not their fault, the problem can be traced outside Nigeria. The origin of the problem is also not traceable to frequent rains or power failure. MainOne, Nigeria’s and one of West Africa’s biggest internet and telecoms service provider has a problem.

A few people may know, MainOne is a Nigerian based firm, founded by a Nigerian -Funke Okpeke. MainOne performed a tech wonder in Africa back in 2009 when they ran a 14,000km submarine data cable, from Europe to South Africa with branches in about eight African countries.

MainOne sells internet service on wholesale to your favorite local Internet Service Providers. Including MTN NG, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat, also the third-party providers. The company announced days ago that they had issues with their cables somewhere offshore Portugal. And that it is the first time in seven years.

But it is not just the ISPs that are affected, MainOne also handles connectivity for banks and big firms. So don’t be surprised if you’re also experiencing issues with your internet banking transactions.

The firm has however assure that mobilization to fix up repairs has begun. But you will still have to wait a bit longer. Maybe 14 days. Some Nigerian ISPs like MTN NG and Glo however depend on alternative to the MainOne line. Glo has its on submarine cable and MTN NG co-owns another cable. So, possible if you’re on these two, the effect of MainOne’s failure may not be too heavy.


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