I don’t think I need to start this post with the rather boring lines of how important deodorants are. Except you seriously don’t mind public opinion on your hygiene, then stink on.

I want to talk briefly on my experience using Sure deodorant and Nivea. Both claim to do the same thing.
But after using Sure roll-on for three months and then switching back to Nivea for just a week, I know better.

Sure deodorant roll-on is good and has been around for decades, it is a strong antiperspirant, but its effect doesn’t last (just like most Unilever products). The pack claims it provides lasting protection against body odour for 48 hours, no way! It hardly crosses four hours and your armpit will be soaking wet. The alcohol in the deodorant even helps to give your armpit odors a very funny but uncomfortable flavour.

And so…

After three frustrating months, I decided to switch back to Nivea roll-on and now I have peace of mind. Nivea keeps my armpits dry for hours, does the good job of blocking my sweat pores, and overall I can be assured of several hours of odour-free confidence.

I tried to find out the difference between the two. But after hurriedly scanning through a set of really complicated generic chemical names, I simply concluded that Sure deodorant doesn’t hold up sweat long enough and doesn’t contain quality antibacterial ingredients, enough to deactivate the bacteria in the sweat.


Everything depends on you, your choice and your body. But remember, be wise and pick the best. I stick with Nivea® and RightGuard®.


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