The Computer and Allied Product Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN) a trade arm of the Ikeja computer village lagos have collaborated with a software company to create a web portal to track the sale of stolen phones.

In the past and even recently, the community located at Ikeja computer village have been associated with a lot of criminal activities involving the sale of stolen tech gadgets and this hasn’t done well to boost the image og West Africa’s biggest commercial center to mobile phones.

Clearly,  the new web portal is something we need, customers are now being encouraged to buy registered phones and traders are enforced to sell phones registered on the web portal. Users can register a phone before it is stolen or can report a stolen phone. 

It is quiet surprising that after all the data capturing the average Nigerian who uses a mobile phone goes through, Nigeria still doesn’t have a valid unified database to track crime. And it is also surprising that in a country like Nigeria, with telecom companies as big as the ones we have, stolen phones cannot be tracked even with their imei numbers. Even NCC doesn’t having a database of Nigeria’s telecom users and that is why crime will still continue and kidnapping kingpins will continue to emerge.

I think the government should take a cue from the CAPDAN initiative to create a unified database for effective data capturing. Phone dealers should also throw their weight behind the initiative to ensure that no phone is sold without it being registered on the platform.

Please share the post with friends let’s control the free movement of stolen phones in Nigeria. Please share your comments about this initiative below.

You can check out the CAPDAN database portal here-

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