I’m back with another soap in hand. I just stumbled upon it, and quite many must have seen it or even used it before me. Please if you have used Zee Black soap, read through this post and leave a comment.

Zee Black soap just as the name suggests, is based on the same extracts used in making popular African black soaps like Dudu Osun. It is of the same quality as Dudu Osun and contains the same Aloe vera, Honey and Shea butter. But probably due to its size and demand, it is far cheaper than Dudu Osun. I got one last week for half a the price of a bar of Dudu Osun.

Zee black soap is specially formulated with the same original African black soap ingredients, it effectively retains the bacteriological and dermatological properties of a good African black soap.

It also contains the extracts from the aloe vera plant, a plant with powerful healing qualities. Zee soap is well milled, smooth, cleanses deap and leaves your skin soft and supple right afterwards. Zee soap also maintains the quality and hair hygiene of natural hair. Ensuring your hair remains lush and free from dandruff and lice.

Production process and ingredients


Zee black soap is made in small batches of dark brown soapbars, which  undergo a 20-day curative process to retain all of the glycerine embedded in its ingredients.  The soap is perfect for fighting body odours caused by heat, skin rashes, pimples, eczema and also maintains the skin’s even tone.


Native black soap base, palm kernel oil, Shea butter, cocoa pod and palm bunch ash solution, native honey, camwood extract( Osun), aloes, aqua, fragrance.

Side effects

For reasons I don’t know, my face reacts negatively to black soap. In fact any black soap I use on my face itches me badly. And Zee black soap is gave the same results.  It also irritates the pores on my face. Causing annoying itches.

I would recommend medical advice before using this soap on the face, especially if you have any sort of sores or open wounds on your body.

Manufacturer’s details

Zee soap is manufactured in Nigeria by ALCANAH Limited.  Located in Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria.



A very gooalternative to  this soap is Dudu Osun.


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