Following the unfortunate incident that involved the gruesome murder of Jumia delivery man Chukwuma Eleje by hoodlums in PortHarcourt. Jumia has finally decided to stampdown on a temporary solution to quieten all the noise about pay-on-delivery.

The eccommerce company has finally taken the ‘urgent’ step which  was promised back in April. Jumia will now be offering pay-on-delivery  only for products less than N1000. Meaning that products above N1000 will not have the pay on delivery option.

The company has also revealed that their will be regular checks onorders and delivery attempts, including cautious verification of delivery address and the contact details of the deliverymen to ensure safety.

POD has been synonymous with the growth of ecommerce in Nigeria, but POD has never been without problems, problems enough to stiffle the growth of companies. But after the death of the Jumia deliveryman in April, this year, supporters of POD have had no option than to keep calm. One thing was very clear, the incident created a huge voice for several stakeholders in the ecommerce business who disapproved of POD in Nigeria.

True, POD is a necessary part of a thriving ecommerce business, it maintains the confidence of customers in a particular brand. However, despite the fact that POD is as old as ecommerce in Nigeria, Nigeria and Nigerians are still not ready for POD. POD was introduced by ecommerce giants- Jumia and Konga as part of  deep-market penetration scheme, however while the firms can maintain the POD trend, smaller business are going through a lot trying to offer POD to their customers.

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Jumia remains the second ecommerce business to distance themselves from POD, and definitely won’t be the last. With a huge chunk of market control and popularity in ecommerce,Jumia obviously doesn’t need the POD as a marketing scheme as such anymore.


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