Global webhosting firm Hub8 is offering free hosting for Nigerians. And the cool deal is that the free Cpanel hosting is almost as good as the paid one. Another beautiful yet surprising part is that the hosting is completely ad free.

Hub8 free hosting offers 500mb disk space and an awesome 100GB bandwidth, enough to handle all basic needs of a small website. Hub8 also guarantees you that your website will be up 99% of the  time even on the free package.

Hub8 also has other features to offer to its customers including fast processing speed on their servers which will help ensure your webpages are loaded out faster, premium server softwares and antivirus softwares to ensure your website is secure.

Hub8 free hosting utilizes the user friendly Cpanel, supports one-time installation of CMS softwares including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. All you need on Hub8 free hosting platform is your domain name. You have the choice of parking your own domain onto your website or you can purchase one from Hub8. Hub8 domain market offers over 400 domain extensions. However and .ng domains are still not available. But will be soon.

Hub8 belives in helping your enterprise grow and also believes that with time your business will be ready to advance to the next stage- moving on to  a paid plan. For example, the enterprise plan offers a seperate servers, more RAM and faster processing speed at the core. But you are still welcome if you choose to remain on the free plan.

Visit Hub8 Nigerian website at to get started.

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