Right now,  you don’t have to drain your pockets while paying through your nose to get a decent smartphone.  And if you’re a smart buyer,  then this post is for you.  I looked around and I found more than a couple power gadgets,  running the latest versions of android with decent features.  Read on…
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Here’s a quick list of the brands:

  • Leagoo
  • Fero
  • Cublot
  • Homtom
  • Tecno
These phone hits the top of the list thanks to its modest features that could give the above-average-android-user some satisfaction.
It runs android 7.0 Nougat out of the box  on a modest 2GB RAM.  It also has 16GB inbuilt memory which could be extended up to 32GB by SD card.  It features a single A 5.0inch touch screen,  3G connectivity,  fingerprint sensor, front camera and two rear cameras with double LED flash.
This phone will cost you under N20,000 and it’s available  on Jumia.
Fero Aura A5002
Fero has released very cool phones recently at low prices and the Aura  series remain the cheapest.  Fero Aura A5002 is a solid phone with modest features.  It runs android 5.0 lollipop,  which is the best you can get for a 1GB RAM phone. It also features a 5.0inch display,  5.0MP rear cameras and 2.0MP front camera.
No fingerprint sensor.
Other basic features are :
3G connectivity
Light,  proximity and gyro sensors.
Processor: 1.3Ghz octa core
Long lasting 2500mAh battery
Homtom S16
Homtom is another Chinese smartphone maker that is popular in the business of making lowcost full featured phones.  The Homtom S16 has features that are quite similar to Leagoo Power.  It comes with a 5.5inch display,  fingerprint scanner,  two rear cameras(13MP + 2MP)  and an 8MP front camera.  It runs android 7.0 Nougat on a MediaTek MT6580 1.3 GHz processor.  Just like the Leagoo power we talked about,  it also feature a decent  2GB RAM which means you can multitask on an above-average-level.  Internal storage is 16GB.
Other features:
connectivity : 3G,  2G,  GSM
Dual SIM
Network unlocked for most countries including Nigeria
3000mAh battery
Leagoo M9
Another nice product from Leagoo. The M9 sports a 5.5inch display,  fingerprint sensor,  2GB RAM,  16GB ROM and dual front and rear cameras.
It is a quad-cam phone featuring two front cameras (5MP + 2MP)  and also two rear cameras (8MP + 2MP).
Battery: 2850mAh
Unlocked for Nigeria
Leagoo Z6
Another low budget phone from Leagoo for average users.  This phone has some impressive,  basic features including a 2000mAh battery,  1GB RAM, 16GB internal memory with 32GB SD card support.  It also features a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera.  The rear camera has a double LED flash. No fingerprint  scanner,  connectivity is 3G. One cool thing about this phone is the media speaker.  The sound is very clear.  The display is 4.97inches. Android version is 7.0 Nougat. 
Cubot  R9
A true beauty,  with a classy design.  At a first glance,  the phone looks like it is worth more than N25,000. Apart from the aesthetic design,  the metallic back cover,  the cublot sports a lot of impressive features.  The 5.0inch display,  13MP rear camera with dual flash,  a powerful 5MP shooter  in front,  equipped with a LED flash too.
  What’s more?  There is also a fingerprint  scanner.
Problem here is the 2600mAh battery. For a phone with such heavy features,  such battery capacity is a little unexpected.  But,  that’s the thing with cheap power gadgets right?  There has to be compromise.
But,  looking on the brighter side,  you can’t miss the 2GB RAM,  which guarantees you vast multitasking abilities,  the 16GB ROM,  android 7.0 out of the box.
   Other features?  Dual micro sim support,  micro SD card support,  No support for fast charging.
Tecno WX3P 
We all know Techno and their impressive line of Camons.  They also make smart cheap phones too and their main flagship product in this range is the WX3P.
Techno WX3P sports 1GB RAM,  a 5.0 inch HD display,  8GB ROM,  android 7.0 Nougat out of the box.
It also features 5MP rear and front cameras.  No fingerprint scanner,  but the main catch in the phone is its battery size. A mouth-gapping 5000mAh. With its low-power features,  the phone assures you atleast 50+ hours of uptime (for heavy users).
This phone is the only one on the list that exceeds the N25k range by just N2000.
But I had to add it here because its specs  are just cool for a budget phone.  So maybe… You could try it.
Tecno WX3 LTE
All the smart features you’ll want in a low budget phone. Plus 4G connectivity.  The phone has specs that are similar with those of its cousin WX3P.  But the main difference is the 4G LTE support and the fact that the WX3 has a smaller battery capacity.  Just 2500mAh.
Techno W2
I call this one “smallie”.  Coming in at N19,000. Techno W2 makes the list with a 1GB RAM,  8GB internal memory and android marshmallow (6.0) version.  It also has a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front facing facing camera.   The rear came has a bright LED flash.
 At the start of this post,  I promised to give you a list of phones you can get for as low as N25,000. I omitted some phones with super low specs,  such as phones with less than 1GB RAM.  But if you think there is a phone that should be here but isn’t,  please use the comment box or contact me at
Note: The above prices are suceptible to change.
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