In the next few months android playstore will be used as a testing ground for another of google’s ad strategies. Yeah, Google will now be displaying video ads on playstore.  But they’ve promised that the ads won’t be annoying at all.  The ads will be highly targeted and will be displayed based on apps you’ve already downloaded or my likely be interested in.

  • Google is testing out autoplay video ads in the gaming section of the Google Play Store.
  • The ads are only a beta test, but it’s hard to imagine Google not eventually rolling it out to everyone.
  • Additionally, playable in-game ads will start appearing in free-to-play games.

Right now the feature is in beta,  but we all know that it would difficult to imagine such a brilliant moneytization strategy not finding its way into the main platform permanently.  The ads will be shown alongside search results,  so the chances of seeing an ad for an app you would love are very high. The app will not play until you click the play icon.

Google is also testing out a feature that will enable you test a game in an ad. Previously,  while playing a game if a video ad pops up,  you would have to pause your gameplay and view the ad,  but with this feature you could actually play the game (being advertised)  right in the ad. This will help expose games of similar styles and strategy to players who already play such games.


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