IG has rolled in yet another updates for people who see their stories as their own special magazine. Prior to the recent update, Instagram users couldn’t upload more than one photo or video per story. And would ave to create multiple stories to add more photos.

But right now, IG has rolled in a new updates that brings it’s stories feature closer to WhatsApp’s. Users can now upload up to 10 photos in one single story. To do this, their is a new icon, at the top right corner of the media upload screen. Just tap on the stories section, just like you would do if you wanted to add a new story. Tap on the new icon and go ahead to select up to 10 photos or video from your camera roll or photo folder. You can now individuall edit each or just apply one effect to all. As you select the photos, a preview of all photos selected will line up.

Also, as part of the update, for people who share photos or videos, the location sticker will now automatically post locations that are near that particular location where the media was captured. In other words, if you are uploading a picture of a Burger you ate last night, the IG would have already integrated with your location services to find out Burger spots near that location where you took that photo.

The update is available on Android only for now, but should come to iPhone very soon. Head over to Android play store to the the features of this update.


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