Recently the price hike of fresh tomatoes has driven people to another alternative- canned tomato pastes. This of course is the reason there are so many canned tomato brands existing now, with the least going for N50. A woman once said that in the the current condition we are in, she can’t cook without tin tomatoes(as they are commonly known). She said the canned tomatoes boost the size of her stew. When asked about her favorite brand she replied with “of course Gino!”.

Gino is probably the costliest canned tomato brand in the market and it is way ahead of the others in quality, including tasty tom. But research has shown that regular consumption of canned tomatoes may have its pros, but the cons actually outweigh the pros. Besides a know of just one health benefit.

The boiling process involved in the production of canned tomato pastes increases the effect of antioxidants which go a long way in combating cancerous cells. So consuming more canned tomatoes could mean lesser cancer risk, but then what about the cons?

First, much of the health hazard is associated with the packaging. Only a few brands in Nigeria pack tomatoes in sachets, others use tin containers, hence their name- tin tomatoes.  This tins are coated with a chemical- Bisphenol-A. This chemical is a sort of preservative used to coat the inside of the cans. Bisphenol-A could cause a lot of problems if it ever leaks out from the tin.

Hormonal disruption

BPA if consumed could cause hormonal disruption in humans. And you can guess, indigestion, hormonal imbalance, pains etc. It could also stop pregnancy or even cause miscarriage. 😟

Higher risk of cancer

Maybe boiling tomatoes could inspire a fight Cancer, but then, BPA reinstates the risk big time. Besides, canned tomatoes just like other cammed foods could increase the risk of cancer in some consumers.

Not a healthy choice for your kids.

Your kids’ organs are the most vulnerable to problems caused by BPA intake. You can be very sure your kids will get the harder hit than you would. Point is, the negative effect of Bisphenol-A chemical could be severe on children. It could even cause mental problems or knock out organs. A warning for expectant mothers.

Sperm killer

Continued consumption of little quantities of Bisphenol-A could disrupt the formation of sperm cells or even kill off already existing ones. So all these can only mean one thing, putting fertility levels at risk.

All that boiling?

Tomatoes contain valuable amounts of vitamin c and other nutrients. Much of these nutrients get lost after the boiling process. Next time you open up a canned tomato, know there are no vitamins, make sure you put in some other sources of vitamins in whatever you’re cooking.
There are also ingredients/additives in tin tomato pastes that are also not good if they are consumed heavily. These additives could cause indigestion and weight gain.

Truth be said, things are hard in Nigeria, and citizens need alternatives, but the alternatives have to be carefully chosen and used. Reduce your consumption of canned tomatoes. Instead boil fresh tomatoes and preserve them in clean plastic containers, are find alternatives for tomato stews, at least for now. Vegetable sauce or tomato sauce.

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