Our toilet kits are usually loaded with a lot of interesting items, but one of them is hardly used- Jelly Vaseline. A very powerful product, but a lot of us will agree that it is vastly underused. Yeah, it may not be as flavored as our favourite body cream and lotions, but very few people are unaware of the wonders Vaseline can perform for us.

Discovered in 1859 by Robert Augustus Chesebrough in Pennsylvania, Chesebrough marvelled at the powerful properties of the jelly which was a by-product of oil extraction and was used by oilmen to heal cuts and bruises. It wasn’t until 1870 that he was able to perfectly purify jelly Vaseline. By 1879, the product was selling at one jar per minute.

Do you use that jelly when your favourite cream isn’t available? Or do you use it only when you have a cut. Just as your mama taught you. Vaseline can do much more than all these. This post has listed 10 among them.

The Best Home Remedy For Dry Feet

Here Vaseline works like a charm. Softens your feet and closes cracks in your heels. Just apply the good stuff around your feed, and in-between your toes and also your heels. You could hold the Vaseline in if your going to be walking around by wearing a pair of old socks.

Remove false lashes 

Have you had issues with stubborn false eye lashes that don’t come of easily. Just dab your fore-finger and thumb with Vaseline and rub the Vaseline into the false lashes till the glue becomes weak.

Glam your lips

You can use Vaseline as the base for your lip therapy. Solve the problem of dry cracked slips without smudging them with lip stick. In a country like Nigeria, Vaseline is about the best handy solution for lips cracked and dried up by harmattan.

Neatly paint your fingernails and toe nails

I learnt this from a friend. She would apply a thin layer of Vaseline on her cuticle/nail bed before applying her nail polish. And so any polish that sloshes over can be easily wiped off.

Make your perfume or body spray last longer

Rub those spots you would normally apply your perfume on or you could just rub the jelly on your pulse points (especially your wrists) it will improve the staying power of your perfume.

Make your eyebrows and eyelashes stay

Untrimmed eyebrows can be very annoying, always getting into your eyes and making you look unruly. Just dab them a little and they’ll stay.

Prevent dye staining

You can stop dye from staining your forehead as you dye your hair. Apply the jelly to the edge of your forehead and wipe off the excess dye that might have dripped down.

Make up remover

Vaseline jelly can make it easier to clean off your make up. Apply the jelly around your eyelids and wipe off gently. The left overs will easily be washed off when you wash your face with water.

Soften tough hair for combing

Combing coily , wooly hair can be very annoying. Just soften the hair with Vaseline jelly and it will make it easier to comb.

Itchy ears

Most times itchy ears are usually caused by cracked, dry skin of the inner ear. Dip a cotton bud inside jelly and gently insert the bud into your year. Smear the ear canal with Vaseline and the itching should be solved.

Ease-in and ease-out earrings

Sometimes, specially for people who have taken a break from wearing earrings, smearing the pierced part with Vaseline makes it easier to slip in earrings. It also makes it easier to slip out finger rings.

Avoid struggling to open jars.

The next time you are done with using your nail polish, smear the neck of the jar with Vaseline before screwing in the cap. It will be easier to open it next time.

Shoe shiner

Vaseline can add a glow to your leather shoes, belts and bags. Just in case your polish is far away.

Athlete’s foot

Applying Vaseline on the spot of an Athlete’s foot reduces the activity of fungus and creates and environment that lacks the sweat that the bacteria thrive on.

Soothing scalps

Massage the Vaseline into dry spots on the scalp, it reduces irritation and itching.

Repair cracks on CD

This works for me all the time. You can fix up cracked Compact Discs by smearing a blob of Vaseline jelly unto the shiny surface. Wipe the Vaseline off with soft tissue paper and the crack effect should be eliminated.

Helps with stooling issues

For people with stooling issues or pile, lubricating the faecal hole(ass hole) with Vaseline can make it easier to flush out faeces. At least without clenching your fists too much.

Cracked lips therapy

Avoid cracked or heal cracks in your lips by apply Vaseline. Stop licking your lips, it gives them an odor.

Protect open sores from infection

Vaseline jelly can be used to protect open cuts and sores from bacterial infection. It was used by miners back then and it still works.

Other uses of Vaseline:

  • Prevent skin rashes
  • Prevent diaper rashes in kids
  • Wipe off whitish deposit using hard water to bath.
  • Remove make up stains from clothes
  • Lubricate door hinges
  • Remove gum/glue from hair


Some may have concerns and reservations about Vaseline, some my might think that being a chemical it may not be all that good to use it that much. But using Vaseline is actually the closest thing to using a natural oil. It will do you more good than harm.

Do you use Vaseline? What and what and what do you use it for? Please leave a comment to contribute to this post😍.

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