Breathable shoes are becoming quite popular these days, and a lot of people who don’t fancy wearing shoes with socks all day are beginning to adopt the fashion.

Breathable shoes are shoes that are built with porous absorbent material that can allow air to pass through easily and also keep your feet airy and dry. Breathable shoes can be made with mesh-like material. Some high-tech ones are made with materials that absorb air into the shoes but keep water away.


The main advantage of breathable shoes is that they are airy and can keep your feet dry even when you wear them for hours. Breathable shoes can be worn without socks. And reduces the possibilities of heat and bacteria being trapped within your toes. There are several types of breathable shoes available and they aren’t all that expensive. You can also get them in Nigeria and they are very cheap. You can also buy them online on Jumia and Konga stores. See examples.


Men Clogs- Breathable
           Men Breathable Clogs

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