There may be nothing wrong in sterilizing baby bottles the traditional way – with water and soap, but steam sterilizers are far better. They increase the sterilizing level and guarantee maximum sterilization up to 98%.

A steam sterilizers works buy surrounding the bottles or any other container to be sterilized with a cloud of hot steam. In essence, they sterilize bottles by blowing hot steam inside , around and even on the covers and nipples of the bottles. The steam is generated by heating water with electricity. The machine has an inbuilt boiler to do this.

Steam sterilizers are very nice if you have an infant under 1 year. At this stage it is necessary to sterilize bottles at lease once in four days. And a steam sterilizer makes it very easy and less stressful.

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To use a steam sterilizer

To use an electric steam sterilizer all you have to do is:

1. Add some water to the steam sterilizer, add it into the right place. You’ll need to consult your manual for the right instructions. Too little water might not sterilize the bottles properly and too much might cause the basin to overflow.

2. Make sure you thorough wash and clean the bottles or whatever container you would want to sterilize. An electric steam sterilizer might kill germs, but it won’t remove bits of milk and food crust sticking to the bottles. The essence of sterilizing isn’t to remove dirt but to kill off germs.

3. Open the lower/larger chamber of the sterilizer and load the bottles. Load the bottles upside down on each prong. One bottle for each prong. Don’t load a number of bottles higher than the number of prongs.

Usually the number of prongs determines the number of bottles, but you should check your user manual to get the right number of bottles. Some sterilizers can only contain just two bottles, others can contain up to six(6) or nine(9)) bottles.

4. Cover the lower chamber and place the nipples, nipple rings and caps on the upper part. Cover this part.

5. Plug the sterilizer to a wall socket delivering the right power as specified by you user manual. Turn on the power.

6. Within a few minutes the machine should have heated the water well enough to generate high temperature steam to begin the sterilization process. Usually the whole sterilization process might take between 10-20 minutes(this range covers a number of sterilizers). Within this time the steam should have fully circulated round the two Chambers.


7. Wait for the machine to start it’s cooling circle before you open the container to touch the bottles. This will allow enough time for the bottles to cool down enough to be handled.

8. Some sterilizers may come with an inbuilt drier. You can check the manufacturer specifications to confirm. But if yours doesn’t have a drier, you can dry with a clean, dry, cloth. Some sterilizers might actually deodorize the bottles for you, others may not.

9. Most sterilizers can keep the bottles in the pure state for up to 24 hours. If you don’t need the bottles immediately, you could consider leaving them in the sterilizer.

Electric sterilizers are great, and you can also find really affordable ones online or offline too. Some electric sterilizers cost as low as N10,000. You can check out the different types on Jumia.

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