MG Spirit, have you heard about it? It is a cocktail drink that has a combination of vodka and fruit juice. Yeah, spirit and cocktail juice. It is a nice drink, and it is soft too,  a great choice for Ladies who don’t fancy taking beer when they are out on a date.

The drink isn’t produced in Nigeria however, from the info on the neck of the bottle, it is manufactured, or brewed in Spain by one MG Distillery. I suppose someone got the contract to import and distribute in Nigeria.

The alcohol content is within normal range too. At 5.5%/Volume. But don’t expect three bottles of this drink to knock you off completely if you’re system is no stranger to alcohol. Only someone who doesn’t take much alcohol, or is still new to alcohol might get a little shake.

The Bad Part…

One thing I really didn’t like about this drink is the blending. I think the alcohol didn’t just blend with the juice properly. Infact, taking the orange flavoured type, feels like drinking Fanta + Water + Raw ethanol (from Tempest or what Nigerians call “Kai Kai”). I really didn’t like it. And for the price of N450? Noo. I regretted not buying Smirnoff ice or star Radler. Those are far better.

Another big deal, is that the taste of the juice part isn’t so evident. Not as much as the alcohol. Almost as if the alcohol is far more than the juice. Another reason why I should have bought my Star Radler and taken it peacefully.

Anyway, no biggie. I believe someone reading this actually might like it. Are you the one? Have you taken this drink, did you really like it or did you make a promise to yourself never to buy again? Well… Please leave a comment. The drink is quite common and most wine shops or restaurants will have it. It’s in a glass bottle that has a long, narrow neck  and a pulled in waist. For now, I know of two very common types- The orange flavoured cocktail and the lemon flavoured cocktail. But the orange flavoured drink is more popular and better too. The drink should be available readily for a price of between N400 – N500. There other flavours actually, including grape and mojito. But these ones are not as common.

Please leave a nice comment… Have a great day! 🙂

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