Nigeria’s first fully digital mobile banking platform ALAT has won prestigious awards at the World Finance Digital Banking Awards. ALAT platform has been is currently being seen as the best fully digital Mobile bank. World Finance is a world Media firm, focusing on financial institutions, especially organizations boosting the progress of digital banking with exciting innovations.

The award is the latest among the number of awards that have met the arrival of ALAT as Nigeria’s and Africa’s first mobile bank.

World Finance Magazine has also noted that ALAT by WEMA is among the 25 banks who were picked for awards in the digital banking category and that banking institutions are finding it easier to quickly adapt to emerging technologies.

Currently ALAT is owned by WEMA Bank, one of Nigeria’s oldest indegenious banks and was launched in 2017. It is branchless and can be accessed through it’s mobile apps on Android and iOS with about 200,000 customers. All ALAT services are accessible only on mobile, from account opening to debit card request.

72- year old Wema bank believes that the future of banking in Nigeria is digital and that ALAT is a tool that will bring stress-free banking to Nigerians with cheaper solutions.

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