I-WIN(Independent Electric Watch Initiative) is a Nigerian
organisation established to keep Nigerians up to date with the latest
news and developments in the Nigerian Power sector. For more info on
I-WIN visit— iwin.org.ng

The Energy Center Mobile App from I-WIN is Nigeria’s first
indigenous power app and it brings to you details of every activity in
the power sector to your finger tips.

Energy Center is a mobile app currently available for Android
smartphones only, it constantly feeds you with the latest happening,
developments, updates and power reports from shareholders in the power

One big deal about this wonderful mobile app is that for the
first time, it allows users the opportunity to report the power status
in their immediately locality, lodge complaints and ask I-win help
center for advice on problems related to electricity.

This app makes sure that you will never miss any detail of any
event or update related to the power sector, including news. It also
makes use of Google cloud integration for its live feed, this ensures
that your battery is not drained down by its activity.

The Energy Center Mobile App has a meter that can also aid you in
tracking your power usage, calculating your power bill, estimate how
long electric units will last ,also payup your electricity bills and
recharge your meter. All from the comfort of home.

Despite the fact that the app still needs a 2.0 and some touches
at the corners, it still is a must have for every Nigerian that owns
an android phone. For now Energy Center App is not available for PC,
windows mobile of iOS. But we hope the app will be launched on these
platforms soon.

What Nigerians think about this app—

Oriyomi Olukunbi says

“WOW… lovely app for Nigerian Electricit
Sector This app is so lovely. I am surprised
organization can build something this
dynamic for the electricity sector.”

A Nigerian’s must have!!! Easy to use. No
bugs. The Updates are really good. Especially
the power generation data. Much love to t
makers of the app.

Chidiadi Eme Uche

Great. its good but needs more improvement. the
software is misbehaving on my android

This is truly an innovation. It is easy to use
Fast too. Thanks to I-WIN

No doubt, this app is good for every power conscious Nigerian. For the
fact that it can keep you updated on every news, comment and
information coming from shareholders in the sector, tell you when new
improvements have been made in power distribution in your area makes
the app a great innovation. How about having something that handles
the big problem of calculating your utility bills and estimating the
period your electric units will last for your home consumption?

What are you waiting for? Download the app now here on google
android store —

Or download the 7.3Mb android APK file for Android 4.0 up and BB10 OS here—


Have you downloaded and used it already? Post your comments or send
in your reviews at info@kongonut.com, you can also post your views on
facebook— facebook.com/kongonutofficial

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