As a mom, you know what helps to keep your little baby dry and
comfortable- diapers. Just as babies are different and unique, diapers
are also different and unique for babies. In Nigeria, pampers is the
most popular diapers, aleast 5 out of every 10 mothers use diapers.
That is for a count that includes mothers who use napkins. That is how
popular pampers.

There others too, huggies, toujours, vibelle, hope, juicy and
kudos. But pampers still remains a household name.

Todays pampers are disposable diapers made from extra soft
breathable materials constituting a unit that moves around with your
baby as he plays and sleeps. Pampers have a multi layers structure,
but the mechanism is simple, accept liquid from your baby, and lock it
away in a highly absorbent core.

Just like other diapers, pampers diaper has a unique
protective outer layer, coated with some lotion that prevents rashes
on your baby’s skin due to wetness. Urine from your baby passes
through a cloth like absorption layer and is captured by the core. The
core, which serves as a storage tank, contains a super absorbent jel,
that locks the urine straight away.

The Outer layer of the diapers or the backsheet, the part at the
back is made of some breathable filmlike material, outlayed with
fibre, to prevent the wetness from leaving the diapers or getting to
your baby’s cloth.

Pampers is a good brand of diapers, and has been engineered to
make things easy for mother and child. Most mothers in Nigeria have
also commended the work of the brand, and many have good testimonies.
Especially its long lasting dryness.
However, just like most diapers, Pampers is unique and
works for unique babies. It is yet to be known the cause, but many
babies react negatively to pampers while others don’t . For some
babies, pampers gives them these nasty skin rashes that eventually
develope into itching and in a few cases burning sensations.
Some mothers who have used the brand can only complain that
the diapers can’t just hold urine long enough for the baby to have an
hour sleep. Some mothers who have reviewed the diapers have complained
of heavy and unexplainable leaks that require them to change diapers
several time at night.

Selena a mother of two has this to say:

I started using Pampers premium care two
months ago when my little girl was born,
but now when she passes urine I can
immediately smell it. I have to change her
nappy every 30 mins because I can smell it.
Not sure what the problem is but I am
truly disappointed in this product.

And then there is the problem of that nose itching smell that
comes from fresh yet-to-be-used diapers. A few have complained that
the smell is quite harsh, and these complaints have been followed up
by complaints oif excessive skin irritation. This is despite what
pampers claims on their website-

“We’ve asked parents all around the world which. products they
prefer for their babies and they’ve told us they prefer diapers with a
soft, baby-fresh scent. The. fragrance in Pampers is used at a very
level in each diaper and has been carefully selected and evaluated to
be non-allergenic and non-irritating to the skin.

Our clinical research has shown there is no
increased risk for diaper rash for babies using
scented diapers compared to unscented diapers.”

There are also complaints that the jel on pampers leaks out a lot.
Well this could be from occasional factory error, unique to a few
units in the market, and pampers agrees to this but assures that no
irritation whatsoever will be caused by the jel touching your baby’s

” Occasionally, you may see small beads of gel from the diaper on
your baby’s skin or bedding, but the
gel is non-toxic and will not harm your baby. Gel that appears on the
skin can easily be removed by gently wiping your baby’s skin.”

But taking a study at the reviews I got to look at, it was discovered
that 36% of cases of skin irritation from the use of pampers were
caused by jel leakage. And anothe 41% caused by urine leakage. That’s
a high figure, and it shows that the jel needs more improvement.

However, there are still positive reviews that shouldn’t be
forgotten, even though they were just a handful out of the hundreds we
looked into. The ratio of positive review to negative was about 1:13.
But the few who rated the brand well, said they had absolutely nothing
against it and that they preferred it to other diaper brands.
Some also said that pampers worked well on some of their kids but
didn’t work on the others at all.
A mother who identified herself as Carl has this to say:

We’re a Pampers family, always had good
luck with them. but I’ve heard some
people like one brand or the other based
on how they fit their baby.

For me this is by far the best opinion from a consumer. One thing that
is important as a mother is knowing what brand fits your baby more.
Pampers may have worked well for tom your son, but may not be good at
all for jane your little daughter.

Are a mother? What brand of diapers have you found as the
best for your little champ? Send in your comments and reviews? Get the
word across!

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