I almost did not believe the report , if it hadn’t come from Google , I would have rebuffed it completely. Recently two members of Google’s security team searched for Gmail accounts that had been used to tempoarily store stolen account credentials. They found more than 19,000 of them and most of them by Nigerians.

The two members of the team Neal Mueller and Collin Frierson also detected more than 10,000 phishing kits. These phishing kits are bits of malicious software/code that are used to steal important and sensitive account information. And about 41% of the total account hijackers using these kits we’re from Nigeria. Or atleast from Nigerian ips.

I’m used the fact that a lot of Nigerians are into scam, and Nigerian youths are not strange to scam and malicious request for sensitive information. But the figures made me wonder if all this is a deliberate attempt to rub more mud on Nigerian youths (after our President did his).

In their words:

We find that 41.5% of exfiltration points for phishing kits were last accessed in Nigeria, followed in popularity by the United States, Morocco, and South Africa.

Obviously from the statement Nigeria isn’t the only country. But the image below is surprising. 


Phishing is a malicious activity that is all about stealing important account details or credentials by presenting certain fake webpages that may look authentic to the target. Usually phishers, try to lure their target by encouraging them to enter certain sensitive details into that fake page.


Keylogging is different. Keylogging involves using malicious codes or software tools planted in browsers or specific webpages to ‘listen’ and save the keys you type once you’re logging in information.

As you can see Nigeria tops on both information hijacking techniques,  by a wide margin. And I’ve been thinking, Phishing through Gmail is something that is very much possible because mail servers don’t verify certain headers that are sent including ip. What if some persons in other countries have decided to make Nigeria a constant scape-goat by using Nigerian ips. Because I don’t believe Nigerian scammers are stupid enough to phish while broadcasting their ips to every Harry, dick and doggie.

What do you think?

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